Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Transformations by
Harry Charles Devasagayam

Transformation is a change from within. It is an awakening from within. It happens from inside out.You cant transform an organization, department or team without the same happening from within you.  Whereas it is easier to expose the transformed self in front of a possible target audience who requires a transformation thereby inspiring them to follow your footsteps. Many leaders such as Narendra transforming into Swami Vivekananda, Mohandas transforming into Mahatma Gandhi are historical proof that transformation is a sustainable model. Business leaders such as Andy Grove (CEO of Intel), who used his personal story of escaping Communist-controlled Hungary at the age of 20 to push the company to make bold decisions as they transformed into a giant in the semiconductor industry; Corrado Passera, CEO of Banca Intesa, traveled all of Italy to spread the bank’s transformation story to its 60,000 employees. He told us, “You have to put your face in front of people if you want them to follow you.” have transformed their business and made it to the top.

Transformation is a systematic evolution of belief, method, approach, system and attitude to an improved or evolved standard. Once a person is transformed, There is no looking back of his previous belief, approach, attitude and system of living. Transformation is like creating a model out of a clay. Every new model out of the same clay goes through a complete destruction of the old shape and sets itself into a new  shape.The moment a person decides to transform, he needs to completely destroy himself and fit into a new shape which includes but not limited to thinking, way of life, belief, strategies, methods etc., He is not a old person in a new attire. He is a new person in old attire.

A person takes many risks while transforming himself into a renewed self. The renewed self does not bother about the environmental or situational repercussions and the person goes beyond impacts created by these temporary elements. If this is not followed, the intensity of transformation will be questioned.  We will become prisoners of circumstances. In other words, the intensity of transformation and longevity should go hand in hand to ensure that the objectives of transformation is achieved.

...... to be continued